i1Display 2


(Eye-One Display Version 2)

Monitor Calibrator

Brand: X-Rite

x-rite i1Display 2  
Product Code: FI-CM-EODV2
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i1Display 2 - Eye-One Display 2


i1Display 2 Monitor Calibrator

is the key to accurate, predictable colour from your display and the choice of most digital imaging professionals.

i1Display 2

includes the exceptional i1Display device and easy to use i1Match software - An award winning combination offering unparalleled functionality and extremely accurate results.

i1Match is easy to master with dedicated modes for LCD / LED, Laptop or CRT displays.
'Easy Mode' will get you going quickly while 'Advanced Mode' provides complete control over the calibration and profiling process.

To learn more about Monitor Calibration and the i1Display 2, read our free comprehensive guide:
How to Calibrate a Monitor Using an i1Display 2

Here are the things i1Display 2 can do for you

  • Calibrate and Profile LCD / LED, CRT and Laptop displays
  • Match all monitors in your workgroup using reference profiles
  • Create Display Profiles for any ambient light condition
  • Profile for specific White Point, Luminance and Gamma settings
  • Take Ambient Light Measurements - very handy for optimizing your working environment
  • Validate and trend monitor performance (measure colour drift)
  • i1Display 2 allows "One push button monitor calibration (PBC)" on some monitors

More Features of i1Display 2

  • Highly sensitive in dark areas giving excellent control of shadow detail
  • Optimized neutral gray balance
  • Profile reminder ensures true, reliable colour over time
  • Actively supported by X-Rite with timely updates for new or updated operating systems
  • Multiple workstation licensing included
  • USB powered

i1Display 2 Includes

  • i1Display 2 Colorimeter
  • i1Match Monitor Software
  • i1Share Software
  • Counter weight
  • PANTONE® Digital Libraries
  • Quick Start Guide

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