Custom Printer Profiling FAQ's

Q: Are there any alternatives to Custom Printer Profiling?
A: There is no alternative that is anywhere near as accurate as our Custom Printer Profiling Service.

Q: What about Canned Profiles?
A: So called Canned Profiles are usually a waste of time.  A canned profile is a generic profile that attempts to describe the behaviour of a complete brand or model range of a printer. There are several reasons why they tend to fail: The bottom line is, that if you are serious about results and don’t want to waste time or money, you need Custom Printer Profiles.

Q: Are there different qualities of Printer Profile Services out there?.
A: Absolutely. There are many variables effecting the quality of Printer Profiles. We use the best technology, and processes available. Others do not but frequently charge considerably more.

Q: Is it complicated to use the Custom Printer Profile Service?
A: NO. You must simply following the instructions step by step and keep a note of the printer settings you used to print a special target. (e.g. SuperFine Quality/Textured Fine Art Paper).We have created extensive online instructions for you to follow.

Q: What if I get stuck?
A: We are happy to provide guidance. From a few minutes of our time which is free to tailored onsite training, we are always happy to help.

Q: Is one profile sufficient for all the papers I put through my printer?
A: No. You need a profile for each media. Remember though, that your profile is likely to have paid for itself by the time you finish the first pack or so of paper!

Q: Do I need to repeat the profile over time?
A: NO. The vast majority of printers are very stable in their behaviour and do not drift over time provided there is no fault with the printer.

Q: Where does Monitor Calibration fit in with Printer Profiling.
A: Since most of us edit images onscreen, a Custom Printer Profile should be used in conjunction with a properly calibrated monitor.  This will give you what is known as an "accurate screen to print match".