Custom Scanner Profile Service

Out of the box most digital scanners aren't colour accurate. Sooner or later this will cause you great frustration fiddling with the various software controls trying to get a faithful scan. It doesn't have to be this way - all you need is one of our Custom Scanner Profiles made especially for your machine.

Custom Scanner Profiling involves scanning a specially developed Target that we provide and sending the scanned image to us. We then produce a very accurate profile of your scanner which you use each time you scan. The result is colour accurate scans time after time. Our service is unique by virtue of our exclusively developed reflective scanner targets and of course our expertise.

Profiles for Printed Media Scanning

Printed Media includes Photographs and any kind of print on paper such as Inkjet Prints, Laser Prints and Offset Prints. This is the type of profile you need for a standard flatbed scanner that does not have a transparency adapter. Further details on Printed Media Scanning
Custom Scanner Profile | Printed Media
Product Code: FI-CM-SPR
Price inc GST:$60.00

Profiles for Slide Film Scanning

If your scanner is a dedicated film scanner or has a transparency unit you will need this type of profile.
Further details on Slide Film Scanning
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Product Code: FI-CM-SPT2
Price inc GST:$105.00
NB: If your scanner can perform both types of scanning, you will need one profile for each type due to the fundamental differences in the way each type of media is scanned.